Piece Of Cake

Swati Kaushal’s debut chicklit novel is quite a breezy read.With things getting a little high-strung at work, this book provided much-needed comic relief for me .The protagonist 29-year-old,Minal Sharma has a hyperactive conscience, and a vivid imagination. Armed with an MBA and a career as a product manager with a FMCG, Minal has a lot going for her. She also has to grapple with her mother’s overenthusiastic attempts at settling her down.. The author manages to infuse just the right dose of humour and weaves an interesting tale around the cakes that Minal’s company makes a foray into.. Pushy mom who dreams of the perfect arranged marriage for her daughters,suitors : a wild radio jockey and staid, boring oncologist,single small town single woman in the corporate world eager to make it big,is ambitious, works hard and unwinds by partying equally hard : this book has all the essential ingredients of a chicklit.The ironic tone, the wry self-mocking humour of the author is present in every episode, whether personal or professional. This is what sets the book apart from the run-of-the-mill novels.I’d give it a thumbs up.

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