Us over Me

We are such a community oriented society that the poor individual gets lost somewhere !! If you ever dare to put ‘me ” over us people would in all probability label you selfish !! Isnt that strange !! An assertion of individuality in our society is akin to rebellion.. Most of our choices are determined by what will our relatives, kin and others think of it.. What makes us happy is secondary…what people think should make us happy takes precedence over that… We lead double lives…I’ve seen couples who have no love lost between them merely tolerate each other and stay through a facade of a marriage for the sake of children or from fear of social censure…They’d rather be miserable than take a stand which could ruffle a few feathers in their community… Why should our choices be driven by what people will think of them.. Why do we tread with such trepidation when it comes to asserting our individuality.. No wonder I see so many of us youngsters struggle with an innate anger since we aren’t allowed to bloom as individuals..rather we’re treated like cattle ( follow the herd mentality)There is no denying the fact that extended family and relatives can be a source of strength, bonding over festivals and special occasions can be a source of joy.. But their opinions shouldn’t govern the way we live.. a community ideally should help an individual flower and not stifle  or inhibit his growth by instilling in him the fear of what people will think… No wonder we put up our best social phase for people other than our immediate family for whom the only our devilish side is reserved.. If we were not to exert too much pressure on ourselves to meet people’s expectation and just be ourselves..if nothing else we’d end up lighter and happier souls 

3 thoughts on “Us over Me

  1. So true …. But thats how we were brought up as kids. “Log kya kahenge” is the common refrain we hear whenever we try to do somethin out of the way. And this is much more true in India as social intercation is much more in this country than anywhere else.
    Society does shape our lives but let us not be martyred at its stake….

  2. Well.. I think it is for us to decide what do we want to do with our life! After all its only one life to live …Society tries to govern everything what we wear, what we eat, how we walk! We should chuck what society would think and also those people who think that way!

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