Out of sight Out Of mind ?

Social psychologists have for long emphasized that physical proximity is  a major determinant in deciding how we form social relationships .Then how do long distance relationships work ? And if physical proximity is a major determinant of whom will we relate with then it is most likely with people at work since that is where we spend the major part of the day.. but at work most equations are mere give and take and have an undertone of competitiveness. Also work demands that we relate more with our laptops and Blackberry(s) rather than people.. With a rapidly changing social fabric, people working in silos and barely anytime to connect with friends and family…if we are in close proximity with anything it is ourselves and technology… Where do you think this is going to take us ???

One thought on “Out of sight Out Of mind ?

  1. Sigh.. I really don’t know!
    But, personally, I have amde it a point to make time and make sure that I have time for family and friends.
    And try not logging into the internet from home too much 🙂

    This has helped to an extent… 🙂

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