The Death Of Innocence

Child brides have been the norm in Rajasthan for ages now !! According to UNICEF’s “State of the World’s Children-2009” report, 47% of India’s women aged 20–24 were married before the legal age of 18, with 56% in rural areas.The report also showed that 40% of the world’s child marriages occur in India !! Isn’t that a shame ? The plight of child brides depicted in a popular daily soap, tugged at people’s hearts and forced them to take cognizance of such a malpractice. For once the media succeeded in fulfilling the role of a socially responsible medium to sensitize people and generate awareness ( Which doesn’t happen to often in India,unfortunately )

This downright cruel practice sees girls being married of even before they reached puberty , in fact there have been shocking instances of infants as old as 6-7 months being married off !! Many of these “balika vadhus ” then step into motherhood much before they knew what it really entails. Apparently women in Rajasthan are now taking a stand against this  age-old practice. Here is this article from Times of India which points out how these child brides and their mothers are now digging in their heels

Going by the article it seems we women are finally learning to stand up for what is rightly ours. Let this be the norm and not a one off instance

2 thoughts on “The Death Of Innocence

  1. Well, its not only Rajasthan but vast swathes of poor and illiterate India, especially the tribal regions of Jharkhand , Chattisgarh and Orissa , that still follow this social anathema. And in almost all the cases, the mothers are not the decision makers.
    Marriage decisions in India have traditionally fallen under the man’s domain and he certainly doesnt ask for women’s advice. Though the times may change and India may become a developed country (God knows when !!)and a few rural women may break away from the traditional “shaadi” system, for the vast majority of India’s 400 million poor and illiterate women, marriage decisions shall continue to remain in man’s realm.
    Who knows, even the few Rajasthan mothers who happen to stand up today (maybe because of media/govt pressure) shall be forced into acquisence by their menfolk the next time around….

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