To Eternal Optimism

Hope tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel which is dark..

Hope is what keeps you going like the soothing song of a lark

Hope is what should be trusted not your fears.

A smile is what you ought to face life with not just tears…

Hope helps you triumph and move ahead in life

hope is what helps you sale through conflict and strife

Hope helps you overcome the pain..

Despite a tumultuous storm, hope keeps you sane.

To hope against hope , people say is all in vain..

But to keep the flame of hope burning despite the odds is the biggest gain…

Yet another session of notes to myself.. I feel I am becoming too much a of a cynicist…so thought I’d remind myself of the undeniable power that faith, hope and optimism bring to one’s life.. It is good to be in sync with reality, but one should never stop looking at the glass of life as “half full”



2 thoughts on “To Eternal Optimism

  1. Yes, I feel again and again hope is a ‘gain’ ! All the lines as such imbibes positive outlook in readers’ minds, thats only because these words have come on impulse *! These seem to have been felt and penned down ! I mean it ! Thanks a lot !

    *especially the words “Hope tells you there is light at the end of the tunnel which is dark…..”

    Thanks a lot for your kind and encouraging words sir 🙂

  2. The “Audacity of Hope” as Barack Obama calls it. Hope is so rare in our times that it has to be “audacious” enough to walk on the same stage as “despair” and “cynicism” (which rule the world today).
    During his presidential campaign, Obama was accused of spreading “false” hopes” by selling a dream of a better,well-off and happier America. Obama retorted, “There is nothing false about hope. How can hope ever be false?”
    Human history is splattered with events where a belief in hope rescued many a civilization. When Roosevelt lifted America out of the Great Depression in 1930, what did he offer to the millions of jobless Americans? Hope. When Hitler was annihilating millions of Jews in his concentration camps.. what did 10 year old Anne Frank write in her diary awaiting her turn? Hope. And this diary inspired the rest of the world to rise and defeat the powers of hate and intolerance.
    Hope for a better future, a better life, a better day never goes in vain. Its said that when Pandora opened one of the 2 boxes given to her by Zeus, all the world’s problems,diseases and pains rushed out from it. Sad, dejected and tearful Pandora then opened the much smaller second box. And out flew a little fairy. Her name was Hope. And she continues to inspire us to this day.


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