Deaf Heaven

This is the title of Journalist Pinki Virani’s latest book.. Her erstwhile books Bitter Chocolate ( on Child Sexual Abuse in middle class and rich families) and Aruna’s Story ( the real life story of a nurse who vegetated in coma after being raped by a ward boy)  were hard-hitting works of non fiction. In this latest novel she makes a debut in fiction, she blends sociopolitical events in modern India with the story of six different women as seen through the eyes of Saraswati, the sutradhar of the story. The book is a comment on our times, how we Indians don the facade of modernity and still refuse to let go of caste, tradition and down right cruel practices like female foeticide. Kudos to the author was interweaving fiction with reality in a subtle yet effective manner. She’s managed to weave in a lot be it Shiv Sena’s hooliganism and atrocities in Mumbai, the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, Bollywood’s eccentricities and egos,bhopal gas tragedy… She succeeds in giving us an unbiased picture of the conflicts and contradictions that shape modern-day India and differentiate it from all that was “Bharat” . A rather interesting read for it combines the best of fiction and non fiction genre…

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