Of Friends Who Matter

When all’s not quite right with your world and everything seems to be going topsy-turvy , nothing like a heart to heart with an old friend..Let me call her R..she was and still is one of the closest friends I’ve had.. Yesterday after talking to her I discovered how she’d metamorphosed into this wise young woman from a gullible,innocent girl.. We’ve shared our dreams,disappointments, our highs and lows..there have been times when I failed as a friend ( i couldn’t make it to her wedding ,something i regret till date) But the rock that she is..she did not once show any bitterness and continued to be as warm as ever….All through college we would spend hours talking , meandering here and there, buy junk jewellery,eat chaat and lament the fact that we were always running out of cash !! We would share our yearning to step into the real world, get a job, find a guy and get married.it all seemed so simple to us !! Now we long to be as carefree as we were. Such is life.It was heartening to see how she’d discovered her inner strength and  gracefully faced all that life had brought her way..Yet she continues unfazed.The way she gives my raves and rants a patient ear and always understands everything..you’re an angel !!..R this is for you : Thanks for being there always , it’s almost eerie how you know when to call !!There’s a lot I need to learn from you. Just love the way you’re coming into your own and are getting in control of things.You’re my sounding board and now a true woman of substance!! Kudos to you girl..I am indeed lucky to have you  as a friend …its people like you who make life worthwhile..This is my little way of telling you, you are valued and will always be ..not time, nor distance can mar the special equation that we share.

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