What are we running for ??

Why are we all running the proverbial rat race ?? Why would we rather be busy round the clock  than have sometime to pause and think about what is it that we really want.. We’re perpetually on the move it gives us an excuse ( a rather brilliant one at that) to not face our fears, our anxieties or even face our own selves.. For if we were ever to pause it would give us time to think,contemplate or even reflect.. which is something we’d rather procrastinate over… We don our masks and keep running.. to earn moolah,success, get famous,find love or chase some ephemeral dream or the other.. We bend backwards over to please people in the workplace ,it’s another matter in the process we end up hurting those who really matter to us…we take our loved ones for granted, they are at the receiving end of all our raving and ranting..we trample over feelings and yet keep running…we lose our sleep,our peace of mind and sometimes even the core of our existence…yet we keep running… What is it that we are chasing ? Why don’t we ever have the courage to introspect and do some soul-searching ? That would mean asking some hard questions to oneself and those around us…Who wants to do that ? Sometimes I feel we’re not running to chase something rather we’re running away from ourselves  to avoid facing how we feel..

2 thoughts on “What are we running for ??

  1. I agree with you, sometimes we’re running away from something, not to something; therefore, the chase continues.

    Stopping to see what’s really there, is too frightening. And so, sometimes, we push those away that we love because probably they’ll spotlight what we’re trying to hide, or remind us of what we want to forget.

    What’s in being busy?

  2. Roseau said “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains”. So true — especially in the context of your article. And who is responsible for people being “busy”, not having time for loved ones or losing their own sleep ? Well its they- the people- themselves !!
    If we are running, its because we have been groomed to run since we learnt to walk. Time “wasted” in sports during Board exams is considered a sin. Failure to crack IIT/IIM brands you a “Failure”. Making less money than your childhood pal makes you listen to taunts like – “Look at him. He went to the same school as you”.
    So, to answer your question – what are we running for — we are running for our dignity. We are running to attain that hazy “goal” that has been set for us by our peers,family and society. Failure to run will outcast us. We shall be deemed to be “Not successful” and the world shall ridicule us all our lives for being “lazy, incompetent and moribund”.
    I can hear this voice “What a shame,Dude !! You could have done better !!!”
    Lets RUN folks !!! The sandglass is emptying fast !!

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