The Power Of Words

Its words that have the ability to scar the soul or heal someone’ s wounds

its nothing but words that help you reach out to loved one in pain

words are what unveil our feelings whether of losing someone or windfall and gain

eyes can speak miles but its words that can build bridges or create a rift

words that empower , that help you voice a concern,bring people together or let them drift

words  of wisdom which can show you the way…

it’s often words in the form of memories that will always stay…

yet we often use them without a thought or care

do we even pause and think its your words which can give someone a lot of hope or even despair…

words powered by emotion can set a passive person in motion…

why regret or lament over words that have pricked people like a thorn

you can’t take the sting away and  you can’t darn it like a piece of cloth that was torn

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Cause its said but once but forever does it stay

This is an attempt to remind myself that i need to choose my words with greater  care especially when I lose my temper , the damage one does even inadvertently can never be undone… I’m lucky to have people around me who at times weather my tantrums but that doesn’t mean i take them for granted…


3 thoughts on “The Power Of Words

  1. yea… I agree with what you’ve written…
    I need to choose my words carefully too when I’m hurt and angry…

    the damage caused sometimes, doesn’t heal at all…

    Yes pixie it happens with me too I unknowingly end up saying things that I don’t mean and then repent at leisure .Sigh !! Wish I could stop doing that

  2. Fantastic WORDS! “Words” are “Words”, once ‘said’, it is ‘done’ ( said and done!). Yours ‘words’ are wonderfully said and it has ‘done’ a lot within me! Words said WITH FEELINGS actually change one’s attitudes! “POWER OF WORDS” are such effective! I am experiencing it now! THANKS FOR THIS! My heartfelt appreciations! – K.Balaji
    @ K Balaji : Thank you for your kind words sir. And thanks a lot for visiting this space . By the way i did visit your blog as well.. you come across as an extremely dynamic person

  3. Boyzone said “WORDS.. and WORDS are all I have to take your heart away”… And its women who seem more to be impacted by words than men.
    Women weigh and measure each and every word of their friends and loved ones. A “wrong” word can jeopardise a friendship ( if the other party doesnt apologise ). A few said/unsaid words can break a relationship, lead to depression/pain or even suicide. Words can do unimaginable damage in the female kingdom.
    But words can also do the opposite. Guys use “Words” to make a girl fall in love. Politicians use words to win an election. Parents use words to mollify a recalcitrant child. Nations use words to end a war.
    Words should be used after careful thought (especially with women) and should be used less in our times. After all — the best words are those which are left unsaid. 🙂

    — Ashish (The monk without a Ferrari)

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