Of Varied Perspectives …

Yesterday I encountered two people with such varied backgrounds and perspectives..it was almost ironical.. One was a gentleman travelling with me in the bus…I did not speak to him but could gauge from his telephonic conversation, he was on a bride hunting spree.. He was telling the father of a prospective bride that he had a well established career, worked with a leading software firm,was widely travelled and now wanted to marry and settle down since he was sick of eating bahar ka khana ( What a superb reason to get married I must say !!) and wanted someone who could tend to his home, mother and give him home cooked food !! I almost bit my tongue and stopped short of telling him you need a full-time maid not wife…

Another was an auto rickshaw driver who went on to tell me he repented marrying off his daughter at 19 that he should have waited untill she turned 21. He was all for empowering women with education and wanted to make his unmarried girls independent.. He also said that we marry of our daughters so that they are loved and protected and not so that they can serve as maids to the guy’s family and cook and clean for them !!  This autowallah could have certainly given Mr Software Engineer a lesson or two in flexibility of thought or a few lessons in gender sensitivity which I stopped short of giving…

This is when it dawned on me, it’s not education but life’s experiences which liberate you from conventional thinking and a closed mindset !!


2 thoughts on “Of Varied Perspectives …

  1. yea.. you are so right!

    Even here at work, when I talk to a couple of guys in my team, most of them want to marry so that they have home-cooked food!
    And a few are married because the girl was “fair” and because someone else said – “she cooks well”

    The auto driver – these are the kind of people we need more in our society!

    I agree with you when you say – “life’s experiences which liberate you from conventional thinking and a closed mindset !!”
    I know what you mean Pixie :men often talk of marriage as if the woman will come into their lives only for a functional purpose : cook,clean,look after the house, look after the parents and on top of it look good after all such drudgery.It is insane what men these days expect from a marriage .I wonder whether they think about what they have to offer in the relationship !!

  2. LOVELY post!!! And I totally agree. Attitude has less to with education more to do with how one has been raised and I think some of us are just born sensible – like the autowallah!

    And you know many men will wonder what else does a man marry for if not to have someone to cook for him and also to free his mother from housework.
    Thanks IHM 🙂 absolutely few men are borrn sensible but they are unfortunately outnumbered by chauvinistic types !!

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