Your Presence Is The Biggest Present

The other day a friend and I were discussing how parents have gotten accustomed to using presents for their children as a compensation for their presence. With long working hours, crazy work schedules people barely have any time left for themselves and their children.. Out of sheer guilt they keep loading their children with expensive gifts, toys, accessories… Do they ever stop to think they are raising materialistic little monsters.. No amount of  gifts can make up for the lack of time spent with kids… These children will grow up with a skewed perspective towards interpersonal relationships…for them love will always be measured in terms of money spent.. A family friend who was a working mother ended up turning her son into such a brat out of sheer guilt since she had a jet setting lifestyle and seldom got time for her son… she tried making up for it by showering the 5-year-old with all sorts of goodies, gradually her son would only make material demands on his mother and seldom looked at her for fulfilling his emotional needs.. His demands kept increasing and to top it he started throwing some nasty tantrums, his attention span decreased and he became rowdy even at school.. That is when the mother reflected on her parenting style…reduced her workload and spent more time with her child..Over a few months the temper tantrums vanished, he became less demanding….As his teacher put it his rowdy behaviour was a mere attention seeking gimmick..  No doubt people earn to get the best for their children but at times it is important to draw the line just can’t keep pandering to all those demands….at the end of the day how would we like our children to be : materialistic little monsters or loved and  secure children…

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