The Quest For Perfection

Most of us often find ourselves thinking I’ll be happier only if I were a little taller or a little thinner, then I’d like myself better.. I saw this fable like film ” Penelope” over the weekend which set me thinking about how self acceptance doesn’t come naturally to most of us .. We find it so hard to like ourselves as we are..with all our eccentricities and imperfections .The film is a  beautifully told tale where a girl from a blue blooded family is cursed with a pig’s snout for a nose.. the curse can be broken when a boy from a blue blooded family accepts  her and marries her as she is.. The film is a subtle lesson in self acceptance ..the curse finally breaks when the girl learns to accept herself as she is and says ” I like myself as i am ” ..another quote from the film which sums up the entire film goes something like this ” Its not the power of the curse, but its the power we give the curse” …. We seldom accept and love ourselves in entirety i.e warts and all… we’re always striving to look better..but do we realize there is no end to this quest for physical perfection..World over millions of young girls fall prey to bulimia and anorexia with this quest to look thinner.Pre teens and teens starve themselves since the media projects waif like thin women as ideals in beauty.With role models like these most people never feel they’re good enough… Body image issues plague the fittest of men and women..Its all in the mind…instead of feeling less about ourselves just because we don’t have washboard abs or an perfect would be wonderful if we could learn to accept our little imperfections and see them as something which make us unique ..It’s these imperfections which lend you charm ..perfection and symmetry can get very monotonous.. What do you think ???

4 thoughts on “The Quest For Perfection

  1. Imperfections and our little quirks make us ‘us’. I agree that it’s not the curse but what we make of the curse that matters… and I feel the world would be very boring if everybody looked the same!

    Also how we look has got a lot to do with our personality, and our attitude!

    @ IHM : That is so true the world will indeed be a boring place with people who look like prototypes of each other !! And yes how we look is also to a great extent a reflection of how we feel about ourselves within …

  2. I agree with what you’ve written and with what IHM and Soli say here,

    WE need our quirks, our “specialness” – this makes us unique 🙂

    Else, as Soli says, the world would become quite boring!

    @ Pixie : Totally perfection and normal is something i equate with boring !! Imperfections and and a little insanity 😆 make life so interesting

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