We are like this only!!

Surf any channel and you’re sure to land up on a reality show.. Though these shows are more mockery than a reality check and have by far nothing to do with anything real !! Colours the channel airing the third season of the infamous “Big Boss ” has run into trouble with an obscenity suite being slapped on them . Why as a nation are we so taken in with reality television ?? Well for one we’ve always been a rather voyeuristic and curious set of people. Reality television is an extension of these voyeuristic tendencies. We are always keen on poking our noses in other peoples’ lives.. No one in the world except us Indians can get away with asking intrusive questions like ” Why aren’t you married yet you’re touching twenty-five ? How much is your salary ? It is  high time you should think of having children, don’t you think so ?  The concept of an individual’s privacy which is so sacrosanct to the western world is completely non-existent in the Indian set up !! What privacy we are like this only and unabashedly so !!  No wonder when celebrities learn child rearing , look for a life partner and shed copious tears ( it has to be glycerine ;)) it catches our fancy and we lap it up since its and extension of our habit of poking our nose in other people’s business.

Yesterday i wrote of apathy and today about being voyeuristic and poking our nose into other people lives !! Am I contradicting myself … no think again…this is what being Indian is all about !! What’s your take on this ??

6 thoughts on “We are like this only!!

  1. TRUE!! TRUE!! TRUE!!!
    This is same thing was talking to my hubby…Why can’t ppl here, just give me my SPACE? Why do they get so nosy?
    Am soooo pissed!!! ish I could tell loudly – Please mind your Life and allow me to lead my LIFE….

    I strongly make an effort not to ask personaly questons or get nosy and expect the same from everyone. But here, there is just no running away!!!

    Anyways, I Bloghopped and found this Interesting….

    • I know what you mean Shruti and the worst part is when its relatives and neighbours who are such nosey parkers you can’t even tell them to keep away !! By the way visited your blog.Really liked ur take on New York and the wedding pictures are beautiful …

  2. Please also add Indian Women to your tags.why blame only us poor men? The class of the mass was at a higher level till about late 70’s.Then came Justice Chowdhary and similar movies which really took the mass “taste” to new depths.Thereafter we had a paradigm shift. Increasingly,loud,flashy,and gory movies too center stage…and soft subtle movies took to the back burner.

    Likewise for Tele, with sensible serials like Buniyaad,Subha,Fauji, soon took to Saans [excluding first 13 episodes]banegi apni baat [first maybe 15 episodes] and progressively commercialization crept in. The simple no would become Nahi nahi nahi….

    now since that is no longer creating that impact, one needs something more to generate a response.Shock value. Thus we have Reality TV. Voila. Creativity is now imported from the US.
    Suspense from Europe, Animation from Japan..so on and so forth.

    My guess is – we’ll do a what-goes-around-comes-around phenomenon. If old movies could be remade – so can old serials with new star cast? Right?

  3. True! we Indians do have peculiar notions of privacy but one shouldn’t forget that all these reality shows originated in the west.

    @gyanban : lol will add indian women too !! And agree with you it is a cyclical process with sensible programming to trash and back again.. What i was trying to figure out is why these reality shows work in the indian st up and i guess it’s coz we love poking our nose in other people’s business

    @ Sulfia : Yes these shows originated in the west and worked because there privacy is a norm so it was something different ie peeping into other people’s private lives while here it comes very naturally to us 🙂

  4. Ah true!!
    People are a nosy lot and most folks get some weird twisted pleasure in digging up another’s personal dirt!

    I hate being asked personal questions!
    Maybe I should write a post on these questions!!

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