Why Such Apathy ??

What is that makes us a nation in inertia ?? Why don’t we ever step forward and take action ?? We watch everything  happen either ignore it or comment on it and simply carry on with the business of living.. Often accident victims die since timely medical care isn’t made available … most people on the road will keep on watching the victim writhe in pain and agony but seldom does anyone step forward and rush the person to the nearest hospital..

As a family friend would often put it ” Hum log har cheez ho tamasha samajh kar dekhte hain bas, koi kuch nahi karta ” Where does this apathy and callousness stem from ??  In the metropolitan cities this apathy is perhaps at its worst !! Often women and girls are being harassed by eve teasers in public places, not even a single person steps forward to take on the eve teasers..  We have this if it doesn’t involve us it doesn’t concern us approach.. It could be crime against women, road accidents  or anything as long as it happens to someone else all we do is stand there and watch .. Why don’t we ever contemplate tomorrow it could be us / someone close to us in the same situation.  Then would we approach the situation with the same amount of  indifference ? Obviously not…sometimes its important to step out of ourselves and extend a hand,  and reach out to someone ..that is what being humane is all about.

2 thoughts on “Why Such Apathy ??

  1. yes. it’s horrible isn’t it? 😐

    I have seen instances when ambulances with their siren on aren’t given place to move ahead!!
    It’s horrifying!

    And recently, at my hometown, a lady died because of a heart attack and collapsed on the sidewalk early in the morning.
    She was left lying there!!! Can you believe it?
    Even after the police were informed, she wasn’t moved! 😦
    It was so sad…
    Then, after some of the recidents raised a strong complaint, bringing in some politician/policeman (not sure which) interference, her body was moved…
    that’s the kind of apathy that we see nowadays…

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