Humour : A Form of Aggression ??

Just read this recent research  study which pointed out that humour is a form of aggression. Helga Kothoff claims in her study “dominant people exploit the ability to make others laugh as a degree of control to show that they are in charge.”

“Comedy and satire are based on aggressiveness and not being nice,” Points out the German Researcher.

My first impulse was to pass it of as psycho-babble and ignore it.. But when I scratched the surface and gave it thought it did make some sense. Often humour is used by people to take potshots at their peers or people they can’t otherwise show their anger to.. A striking example is all Bollywood award ceremonies where the hosts take potshots at all and sundry and the recipients usually take it  in a good humoured manner.. Sarcasm and mimicry certainly reveal aggressive tendencies. And yes there is a hierarchy in humour to the boss can mock at and take potshots at subordinates in public while not many employees would dare to do that to their bosses !!

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