“This is all motherhood and applepie”

This is an expression a friend’s super boss would often use… Since this friend of mine was a fresh management trainee, very impressionable, she found it very fascinating.and after finding what it meant used it as often as possible :). When she told me about it I was wondering …why are we so fascinated by people who use fancy sounding phrases and words…even though what is being said might be all style and little substance.. ??  I’ve caught myself and others around sneering if someone mispronounced a word/ phrase.. It’s only over the years I’ve realized we have no right to judge people on such flimsy criteria..People might have rich , wholesome ideas to express even if they can’t string it together in grammatically accurate sentences.  And trust me language seldom has anything to do with the ability to ideate and conceptualize.. All it does it add frills and fancies and dresses up what we want to day. It’s a false kind of arrogance and rather misplaced sense of superiority which every person who can speak the Queen’s language decently  acquires. What for ?? ..Why is the “how” of the art of communication more critical than the “why” and “what”. I guess that is why most marketeers and advertisers are slick, smart souls with the gift of the gab..

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