Two States : Chetan Bhagat

After a lukewarm response to his “Three Mistakes In My Life” Chetan Bhagat comes back with a bang with his latest novel “Two States”., it has his characteristic quick wit and self deprecatory sometimes and sometimes slapstick brand of humour. In parts I found myself chuckling while reading this novel. It talks about “love marriage: (  I wonder we Indians use the term “love marriage” I’ve always felt there is no marriage possible without love !) between a north Indian boy Krish Malhotra and a south Indian girl Ananya Swaminathan who meet in IIM- Ahemdabad become friends who fall deeply, passionately in love. Its only when they graduate and have to break the news to their respective families does all hell break loose !!  As Bhagat puts it very aptly. In India first the girl and boy fall in love with each other, then they fall in love with each other’s families and finally their families have to love each other. By this time if there’s still any love left they decide to get married. A very apt description of the Indian situation where the belief is when you marry a man you marry his entire family… What ensues is a woo the in-laws saga which results in hilarious goof-ups.. Krish chooses Chennai as a location for his placement with Citibank so that he can make Ananya’s parents come around ! He does everything from coaching Ananya’s brother to helping her dad make business plans… Krish’s mental dialogue ( as he puts it what would life be without mental dialogue) Bhagat’s exaggerated humour, his well etched out characters, (his description of his Punju relatives does raise a laugh and is very close to quite a few real Punjabis 😉 ) make this a not to miss book !!.This is a must read if you’ve been through the experience of making your parents come around when you wanted to marry outside your community..

3 thoughts on “Two States : Chetan Bhagat

  1. after reading ur review..i m dying 2 read d buk:):)
    surprisingly i wsnt aware dat chetan bhagat ws out wid his 4th buk til i read ur bolg..btw i m a regular!:)

  2. ohkay…i personally like it quite a lot when someone reads…..n on…top of that..even writes a review…..
    so frankly, its good to know that Chetan has decided to again write wothwhile stuff…i guess long after “five-point someone”…..hope i read it soon as well n follow meghz footsteps 😉

  3. So many decent reviews for this book!
    Will pick it up for sure now! 😛

    I also wonder at the term – “love marriage”! 😛
    But, its so ingrained in us, that sometimes even I have asked that question!! 😳
    Even though, I agree when you say – “I’ve always felt there is no marriage possible without love”

    yes pixie its more than a decent read.. hope you enjoy it !! And yes we have quite a few similarities apart from our gravatar ( we both have younger sisters, we find the term love marriage a misnomer and have to deal with conference call woes..this is getting rather interesting 🙂 )

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