You’ve got mail

All that I learnt in b school is gradually coming to naught !! Wait don’t go.I’m not being cynical… read on and you’d know what  I am talking about…its not your finance/ HR/ marketing skills that come to your rescue…rather its the art of writing emails and beautifying powerpoint presentations !! 

Emails to tell your boss and people at the top how you’re slogging round the clock, if you’ve got a laptop then be certain to send out these emails at unearthly hours…its sure to create ripples 😉

You don’t know how to  do something in particular..wait all you’ve got to do is write a snappy email and circulate , delegate and finally abdicate all responsibility . It works like nothing on earth ….

When you have people asking for your as critical as possible…its sure to tell people you know what you’re talking about..

Don’t spend too much time working in all likelihood there is someone just waiting to steal your limelight… There is someone who taught me its important to keep telling people what you’ve done and how its a ” Path – breaking ” initiative !!  Make sure to use fancy, lofty lingo when you put this down an email…

For those of you wanting to get into b-school or have just landed there…go all out to sharpen your email writing skills and cultivate the ability  to use superlatives to describe your work !!

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