Virtual Display Of Affection

I don’t get to access facebook  to often at work and when I do my wall is lined up with such messages like these :

How I miss you honey !!

Don’t worry cupcake I’m on my way!!

Yippeee..That’s great Muah

Muah Sweety pie

This is just a toned down sample I wonder why are people blowing away virtual kisses to glory …

People spare me your virtual exchanges of sweet nothings !!

 Am I turning rather prudish or does it have something to do with the fact that I am not very comfortable with public declarations of love  ?? Don’t know but I find these messages somewhat ridiculous ..why would someone like to profess their love for their better half/ boyfriend on a social networking platform for christ’s sake ???  I’m sure there are better ways of  displaying affection… Perhaps I still belong to the old school of thought and can’t help gushing over the charm of romancing through letters, emails or even over the phone !!

I guess let me just stop logging on to facebook rather than rave and rant about it endlessly..i’ve grown to old for the facebooks and orkuts of the world!! Sigh !!

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