Random Ramblings…

When standing up for what you deserve doesn’t come naturally. It can be quite a task.. today I attempted standing up for myself..it was quite a half baked attempt, somewhat apologetic.. it did not get me what I wanted but it certainly gave the other person an insight into the fact that I wasn’t all happy being taken for a ride.I might have fumbled a little but I did put my displeasure across at not getting my due and believe you me its such a load off one’s head and heart !! . For someone who has always dodged confrontations and conflicts it didn’t come easy.Its often happened with me..even when someone tried taking a pot shot at me I would keep quiet.(suffering in silence is no virtue is what I’ve discovered lately, rather its almost cowardly !!).wise retorts were never my forte :(. This forces me to sit down and think.. why do we women shirk away for asking for what we want ??  Is it the fear of losing the equation with the other person or is it that we aren’t quite equipped to deal with a change in status quo…why are we so programmed to put everyone else’s needs above our own  ?? Why would we rather crib, hold resentment rather than ask for what we want ?? Is it the way we were reared our is it something that is ingrained in our DNA ? 

Despite racking my brains I haven’t yet come up with an appropriate answer..do you have any thoughts ?? I could do with some sane,objective opinions…might just clear my mental fog and put things in perspective for me !!

2 thoughts on “Random Ramblings…

  1. Hmm..isn’t that stereotyping? I know many women who would openly ask and then there are others who would rather keep mum.

    It many cases it is mostly because of ego: inflated or deflated.

    I say, if you know that you are standing up for your rights then go ahead.

  2. Solilo,More than ego nd stereotyping its to with the fact that assertiveness is an underrated trait,few of us (men and women) learn it.either we come on too strong or keep mum.bt asking 4 wat we want without ruffling any feathers is quite an art

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