For Matrimonial Purposes

A leading weekly magazine held a survey that claims the urban Indian male’s choice of a bride has evolved , its not looks but the girl’s educational background, employability and emotional intelligence that garner more weight. He no longer gives importance to looks, but at the same time there are men who look at mariage as a passport to a better life ( not all gold diggers are women that should tell you ) !! Does that mean we’ve finally broken free of our obsession with “fair skin”  and sharp features ?? Wish this was true ..but the newspaper matrimonial adverts have a different story to tell . Sample this

 “Wanted a beautiful, tall (5’3” – 5’6”), well qualified Engineering CS, CE, Electr./ Telecom., MBA, CFA) bride from educated and reputed Rajput family for a NRI boy working in US as Software professional, completed MS (CS) from US, annual salary Rs. 35 lakhs “

Not only do they have the gumption to specify physical features they want in a “bahu” but get all crass by spelling out they boy’s salary !!

Here’s another one :

V.Bfull Nonmglk prof qlfd convtd tall gori for very fair H.some Rajput boy IIT-K B.Tech 28/5’9″ SW Er. MNC 6 Lpa “

By no means  do I wish to trash the survey results, all i’d like to say is that these surveys touch a very small percentage of people, their results can never be generalized to India’s entire urban male population. The adverts I’ve picked up have been put in by families of extremely well educated men, but at the end of the day they ask for nothing but a “trophy wife” . I don’t mean to sound too cynical, there ae men out there who’ve been reared to look beyond physical beauty and instead are interested in the cerebral and emotional sides of prospective partners. I guess they have women chasing them anyways and  don’t ever need to advertise for matrimonial purposes 😉

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