Worth A Watch !!

Kudos  to director Ayaan Mukherji for giving us such a refreshing and breezy  “coming of age” film : Wake up Sid.This feel good film is a must watch for its refreshing  storyline and unusual yet interesting chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor Aka Sid and Konkona Sen Sharma. Ranbir is excellent as the rich, brattish and directionless Siddharth Mehra who wakes up to the real world after flunking his college exams.. this is when he meets Aisha Banerjee ( Konkona) who is an independent feisty young woman who knows what she wants from life ( or does she ??) Sid’s journey of self discovery and his relationship with Konkona and his parents are depicted in a very subtle yet beautiful manner. The movie has some endearing moments “one scene where Sid’s mom ( Supriya Pathak ) admits trying to speak english so that she can be a friend to her son…

Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak as Sid’s parents are thorough naturals.. Apart from a brilliant screenplay and direction the movie’s songs also score especially “Iktara” which comes out humming out of the theatre… Worth a watch it’s a film which will appeal to anyone and everyone who’s ever gone searching for what they truly want from life and those who are still in the process of finding what’s their true calling.. It leaves you with a smile on your face long after you’ve watched it !!

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