Inanity in the name of Reality !!

Absolute absurdity in the name of reality television is being palmed off to Indian viewers.. and the worst part is people are lapping it all up.  Can’t find a suitable match ? Have no fear, reality tv is here… it’s a different matter that the groom to be is the son of a leading politician with a chequered past and controversies dogging him. Its sickening to see him being somewhat cocky  and coy and proclaiming he’s out on a bride hunt… Which woman in her right mind would want to marry a man who was once accused of domestic violence !!! But apparently quite a few damsels seem eager to queue up ..Anything for those 15 minutes of fame you see.. There’s another show that’s joined the bandwagon where boys and their mums are picking “The perfect bride” ..Its downright retrogressive…what with girls being treated like mere objects here !! Then there is another one where you get a taste of child rearing !!  Not only are these shows a dramatised and exaggerated take on the real world but are downright dangerous at times. Most of you must have heard of how a woman committed suicide after she saw a popular actress on the  Indian version of “Moment of Truth “, she apparently identified with the actresses’ life and saw shades of her own… Where is such twisted depiction of reality going to get us ??

 How ridiculous can we get with such mindless, almost mind-numbing programming ?? what next ??  I don’t even want to speculate or anticipate.. If reality is so bizarre, almost ludicurous .. i think fantasy is a safer refuge.. What would you say ???

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