Break Time !!

Away from the routine …no deadlines…no overflowing mail boxes .. yippee 😀 ..what a relief !! I wish work was something that happened in between vacations ( sigh !! what a pity this can never be a reality ).. Festive season and vacation time are  a heady combination..and in my case these  spell  excesses especially of the gastronomic variety, shopping  and spend time bonding with family ….these days each one of them are being  subjected to pure cerebral torture ;since I’ve made it mandatory for them to read all the inane stuff I blog about [I can be  a real pest ;)] Also plan to catch up on some reading and head for the mountains to catch a whiff of fresh air !! Absolutely dread the thought of heading back to work next week , I just hope I don’t get too grumpy 😛

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