Why Stereotype ???

” Women are always more patient and can endure much more than men ”  Many such statements do nothing but reinforce stereotypes.. I would often wonder why do we slot people on the basis of gender , community or religion and generalize a set of attributes. Why would we want to categorize them  ?? We don’t like ambiguity. The human mind doesnt quite know how to react to the unknown and uncertain. We conveniently pigeohole people, this  helps us predict what to expect from them ; stereotyping  is often a convenient refuge.  Stereotypes might be convenient but they are so well entrenched in our psyche and child rearing practices  and they often pave the way for not so pleasant prejudices .. they colour our perception and cancel out all possibilities  for us to look at alternative ways of thinking.. Most of us Indians ( there are quite a few exceptions) rear our daughters to be feminine, submissive , patient while it’s quite acceptable for the boys to be rowdy and boisterous. Most of us still see an aggressive woman as a misfit or unlike  how a woman should be !! 

Studies have shown : most societies where display of anger is an unacceptable among women  have rising incidence of passive aggressive behaviour patterns which are extremely unhealthy and damage several interpersonal relationships . Why can’t we look beyond stereotypes and  accept individuals for how they are instead of slotting them and judging them ??

Any thoughts ??

4 thoughts on “Why Stereotype ???

  1. This is social conditioning and as it is difficult to change previous generation what we can do is to change ourselves.

    Often you would see that girls who are into sports are termed tomboyish and seen Indian mothers really being proud of it. I don’t like the term because it indicates that having boyish qualities is great. Then you have same set of parents who wouldn’t like their sons playing with dolls. They would be termed as sissies.

    The thing is kids are kids. They can play with anything. Why stereotype them and put things into their mind. It will only confuse them.

    My little girl loves her basketball as much as her dolls and I encourage whatever she likes. I don’t like stereotypes.

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