The Ugly Truth

Just saw the Gerard Butler-Katherine Heigl starrer ” Ugly Truth ” yesterday.. The feminist in me would hate to admit it but Gerard Butler lends charm to his sexist bordering on misogynist Mike Chadway… The movie is a regular “battle of the sexes ” with Katherine playing Abby a much in control TV producer who is a diehard romatic at heart but has an apology for a love life.and a TV show with ratings plummeting by the day. In walks Mike Chadway the politically incorrect ,cynical yet and irreverential TV show host  with his show “The Ugly Truth” not only does he change the channel’s fortunes but also helps Abby to woo the man she falls for  .. The storyline is very predictable and run of the mill  but the film can be watched for its one liners, the sizzling chemistry between the lead pair and of course eye candy galore [ I did nothing except drooling over Butler all through !!  And girls don’t worry it wouldn’t raise your better half’s ire , since  your guy can feast his eyes on Katherine Heigl 😉 ]

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