Quarter -Life Crisis

As if mid-life crisis, empty nest syndrome and the likes weren’t good enough…here comes Quarter Life Crisis to describe the adjustment issues that 20 somethings and people in their early thirties face…Several articles that I read on the phenomenon have described it as ” Unrelenting indecision, isolation, confusion and anxiety about working, relationships and direction ” Is it a reality or another theory ?? I would say its just another fallout of the pace of contemporary life … I don’t blame our generation for indecision…with a plethora of mind boggling choice who can ever make up their mind ??  Being in my mid twenties and working long hours I’m quite a candidate for QLC myself ,so are most of my friends.. By the time we tide over the trials and tribulations of the turbulent twenties …mid life crisis will be standing at the door to greet us… Is life in our times all about tiding over one crisis and hitting another. Phew.. our parents and grand parents were luckier I’d say atleast they didn’t go about labelling the existential angst that is synonymous with youth..they took it as a norm and did not end up feeling like anomalies…I don’t mean to say awareness is wrong..its good we know what”s wrong with us.. but with so many labels floating around one ends up using a self referencing criteria for most of them.. What’s your take on this ??

2 thoughts on “Quarter -Life Crisis

  1. what would all our psychobabblewallahs do if there was no crisis, they would have to invent one. because there are so many of them around

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