Pass On The Buck …

A colleague of mine taught me a very vital lesson today if you want to work. pass the buck  for all your faults…. and steer clear of owning up responsibility for any mistakes ever… People these days seem to be teaching me thumb rules of surviving the corporate world… not long back a senior colleague taught me how to own up all the good work and bask in its glory…. Here are a few pointers for not-so-worldly wise people like me :

Pass on the buck for anything that goes wrong : exchange a few intense mails and conveniently wash your hands of the situation…

Keep your eyes and ears open – wherever you see the chance of a project succeeding ..hurry own it up don’t let any chance of hogging the limelight at work slip away ..

Don’t ever disagree with your boss : all display of individuality should be restricted to the personal front…

Look hassled and occupied all day : even if you don’t have an iota of work behave as if you are on the verge of completing a path breaking task….don’t stroll in the corridors …always walk in long quick strides as if you’re headed for an urgent meeting…cultivate the persona of a workaholic

Don’t think your work will speak for you ( it seldom does 😦 ) At the risk of  sounding like you are bragging rave and rant about how you work all day and all night…how you don’t get any time for anything but work…Trust me it works like nothing on earth….

Passing the Buck also involves sending a plethora of mails ( always with your boss on cc! ) and ensuring that you palm off all your work to not so assertive  coworkers and meek as a mouse juniors…just make sure you get involved at the eleventh hour to take all the credit…

For all the girls.. don’t ever try and be Ms.. Goody two shoes it helps to cultivate a menacing ..don’t mess with me attitude…

I’m sure all of this would make me sound a cynic …but it’s based on few astute observations..I don’t necessarily follow them to the tee and find them rather lopsided… if you have some to share feel free to add to the list ….for all you know we might end up with a manual soon !!




2 thoughts on “Pass On The Buck …

  1. wonderful,megha.
    following to a tee or not, very interesting observations indeed.
    and about the proposed manual, i can lend my weight (i have quite a bit in excess, you know !!)as well
    keep up the good work of writing megha
    let the fire of creativity stay on
    well done

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