No Time To Stand And Stare

What is this life but full of care ..there is no time to stand and stare…when my kid sister was memorizing this poem by Davies..years ago ..little did i know this poem would be almost prophetic of our times….we are just chugging along..dragging ourselves…without a pause…not a moment’s respite to hear the pitter patter of raindrops..not a minute to even pause and think about where are we headed….most of us join the rat race to earn a living and paradoxically get so disconnected with the business of living altogether !! Deadlines….projects….and staring a spreadsheets which don’t seem to make any sense most of the times…this is what life means for most of us 20 somethings trying to stay afloat in so called “cushy” jobs…. Any thoughts ?? Some of you might differ…its always refreshing to have another take on this….

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