My sole purpose in life is to serve a warning to people in how NOT to live your life..I’ve faltered, have made decisions on impulse, have walked on roads without knowing where they are going and whether that is where I want to get ?? Wrong career choices, a relationship which i dont quite know how to deal with…..

 Way bck in school my teacher wrote something in my report card, which left an indelible mark in my mind ” She’s more of a spectator than participant ” That defines me to quite an extent, I don’t know what holds me back from taking initiative whether its in personal relationships or at work ..Something keeps me from making the first move …I just keep waiting for things to happen to me…But mind  you life has a way of teaching you hard lessons…ad I’ve had a series of them where I’velearnt how unrealistic it is to keep waiting for things to happen to you….I’m just to fearful of taking the reins of my own life….but something tells me I’m close to learning how to do it…even if I know life is just waiting to spring a surprise just round the corner and teach me…..

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