Hello world!

Life in a metro………

With stars in my eyes, brimming with my characteristic zeal…..i came to a metro to pick up my first job…so much has happened in a span of  this year and a half……I don’t feel like the foolish, idealistic child I used to be…life’s given me the much needed reality check……… I always thought all that mattered was that you’re heart was into what you were doing …and no matter what you had to give you work your best ….little did I know that the corporate world was a different ball game its more important to have your head in the right place…it doesn’t matter whether you work or not …..but you ought to learn to talk about how much you work… In fact one needs to perfect the art of being a busybody without having to do a lot of work… I always thought that people always treat you the way you treat them. Little did I know that how people treat has absolutely nothing to do with how you behave…..

The corporate world is the proverbial shark…..so one doesn’t have any alternative but to become a survivor…….

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